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We are Tribalingual. We think of endangered languages differently.

Tribalingual’s core social mission is the preservation of endangered cultures and traditions – epitomised by languages. Unlike many preservation initiatives around (e.g. those organised by NGOs), we recognise that the only way to really preserve language, and other intangible cultural heritage, is to teach more speakers – documentation alone is never enough. At Tribalingual, we find speakers of endangered languages, often from secluded parts of the world, to teach students based all over the world. In this way, we take language not as an object in itself, but a way to understand a community and culture, through the eyes of the native speaker. 

We are the world’s first online learning platform for teaching rare and endangered languages. 

Meet our teachers

The disappearance of a language deprives us of knowledge no less valuable than some future miracle drug that may be lost when a species goes extinct

Russ Rymer

I do not argue for keeping indigenous languages alive just for the sake of not seeing them disappear, for antiquarian reasons. Rather, I see these languages as conduits for indigenous cultures that have real value in our modern world

Prof Jon Reyhner

How it works

Learn anytime, anywhere

All our 10 week courses take place online. The lessons are split into manageable, “bite-size” topics that allow you to progress at a pace that suits you. Each week includes a mid-week quiz and end of week assessment to ensure understanding of the content. 

Talk with a native teacher

We believe that only by speaking with a native speaker will you truly learn the language. This is why we offer weekly 30 minute Skype sessions with a teacher. All our teachers are representatives of their communities and bring a unique perspective to the courses!

Access a whole new culture

We take languages not as objects in themselves, but as a way to access a whole new culture. When you take our language courses, you will discover a different way of thinking about the world – through traditions, songs, poetry, festivals, recipes and so much more!

What our students are saying

Enkhee is an excellent Mongolian teacher. I’m a slow learner, especially in pronunciation, and fortunately I found Enkhee really patient and professional. Her Skype classes are well-structured and extremely helpful for beginners like me. I especially enjoy the dialogue practice, where I do not only learn the language but the Mongolian culture.It is the best language learning experience I’ve ever had

Rita , Student

Ainu was a fascinating course and I thoroughly recommend it. It encouraged me to look for evidence of this culture on my trips to Japan. In fact, studying Ainu helped me to get my current job in Japan, since it was a point of interest for the interviewers – they were impressed that someone was learning about the broader Japanese culture

Rosie , Global Brand Manager

What our teachers are saying

I know it might be weird if Greko’s new speakers will come from outside the community, but I have now realised that it is better to make it live in the world rather then letting it die within its borders


This is the language of my friends, of my family. I owe it to them to secure a future where their language and culture are valued


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