About us

The Tribalingual mission

Our journey starts with the story of our founder who was horrified to hear that Buryat – the language of her maternal grandparents – is classified by UNESCO as endangered. 
In an effort to save the language, culture and heritage of her ancestors, she resolved to learn the language to preserve it. She quickly realised though that there was no feasible way of learning Buryat online or any possibility of interacting with a teacher. More importantly, she also understood that the world is full of languages which nobody can learn. She decided to do something about that. 
Together, she and a team of mission driven individuals built Tribalingual, the world’s first online language learning platform for teaching rare and endangered languages. 
Business Development
Our mission is to preserve world heritage by teaching rare and endangered languages. We want to see a future where diversity triumphs over uniformity, where colour breaks the monotony and unique languages will continue to live and thrive. We are changing the future of endangered languages. Forever. 
The Tribalingual way
What we believe is simple. We believe that the only way to save languages and cultures is by teaching them.
We are not your average language learning platform
We create our courses with native speakers, so our teachers bring a unique perspective on their language and communities.
We believe all languages are important
Regardless of whether they are spoken by millions of people or just a few. Regardless of whether it is recognised as official or not.
We see languages differently
We see endangered languages as crucial to ensuring the beauty of our planet is maintained by the plethora of peoples and cultures