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Feb 22, 2017
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Gangte is an indigenous language spoken in the verdant hills of Manipur, a bucolic northeastern state referred to by Indians as The Jewel of India. Gangtes have official tribal status in Manipur, but the language is also spoken in Assam, Meghalaya, and across the border in Myanmar. In total, it is spoken by approximately 15,000 people.

Gangte is a melodic Sino-Tibetan language. As it shares many commonalities in terms of grammar and sounds with other languages found in the region, it serves as a great gateway to other tongues in the same language family, such as Burmese. For those interested in learning a tonal language, Gangte is also a wonderful language to start with as it only has three tones. It uses English script for communication, making its written form also quite accessible to foreign students.

Originally animists until last century, Gangtes are now predominantly Christian, but oral folktale traditions are very much still alive in this language community. Gangtes are very proud to be known as cloud swimmers according to their folklore. They are also renowned for their creativity among the various hill tribe communities of Manipur.

Gangte is listed by UNESCO as an endangered language. Though its numbers may be relatively small, it is still very much alive in the 37 villages that are officially Gangte-speaking. It is also still spoken fluently by the youngest generation. There is fear though that over time the language may succumb to more dominant, national languages.

Learning Gangte will give you a new way to see the world. It possesses a beautiful naming pattern system, has a unique counting system starting at 10,000, and expresses colors, kinship, and the animal world differently from the Western World.

✔ Introduce yourself, greet others and ask questions

✔ Talk about your family and friends and understand the family structures of the community of speakers

✔ Describe objects, people, and situations accurately

✔ Buy (and even bargain over!) typical products, clothing, and food at the local market

✔ Ask for directions to go to the most relevant spots

✔ Learn how to get around the town or village

✔ Maintain reasonably simple conversations with native speakers

✔ Learn the unique history of the community

✔ Learn about the local’s worldviews and beliefs

✔ Learn to appreciate local poetry and songs

✔ Learn the rich history behind traditional garments

✔ Learn how cultural heritage is expressed through arts and crafts

✔ Learn how to cook local dishes by reading recipes in the target language

Section 1Week 1
Lecture 1Gangte Language
Lecture 2Language
Lecture 3Alphabet
Lecture 4Special considerations
Lecture 5Introductions
Lecture 6Names
Lecture 7Greetings
Lecture 8Adjectives
Lecture 9Mid-week Quiz
Lecture 10Where are you from?
Lecture 11Subject Pronouns
Lecture 12The Verb To Be with Adjectives
Lecture 13The Verb To Be with Nouns
Lecture 14Glossary - Essential Vocabulary
Lecture 15Final Quiz
Lecture 16Goodbye
Section 2Week 2
Lecture 17Gangte Folklore
Lecture 18Gangte Numbers 1-19
Lecture 19Gangte Numbers 20-99
Lecture 20Telling Time
Lecture 21Asking Someone’s Age
Lecture 22Asking about Amounts and Stating “There is/There are…”
Lecture 23Mid-Week Quiz
Lecture 24Plurals
Lecture 25Subject Particles
Lecture 26Present Tense Verbs
Lecture 27Transitive vs. Intransitive Verbs and Sentence Order
Lecture 28Glossary - Essential Vocabulary
Lecture 29Final Quiz - Week 2
Section 3Week 3
Lecture 30Gangte Folklore
Lecture 31Gangte Numbers 100-9,999
Lecture 32Gangte Numbers 10,000 and above
Lecture 33Family
Lecture 34Showing Respect
Lecture 35Mid - Week Quiz
Lecture 36Negation of the Verb ‘To Be’
Lecture 37Negation of Other Present Tense Verbs
Lecture 38Possession
Lecture 39Adjectives 2
Lecture 40Glossary - Essential Vocabulary
Lecture 41Final Quiz: Week 3
Section 4Week 4
Lecture 42Gangte Folklore
Lecture 43Adjectives 3: Reduplication
Lecture 44Adverbs
Lecture 45Question Words
Lecture 46Tag Questions, Question Markers, and Statement Enhancers
Lecture 47Mid-Week Quiz
Lecture 48Colors
Lecture 49Clothing
Lecture 50Arts
Lecture 51Transitive Subjects
Lecture 52Glossary - Essential Vocabulary
Lecture 53Final Quiz
Section 5Week 5
Lecture 54Congratulations!
Lecture 55Gangte Folklore
Lecture 56Food
Lecture 57Buying Things and Prices
Lecture 58Following Instructions/Recipe
Lecture 59Commands (Imperatives) and More Verbs
Lecture 60Mid-Week Quiz
Lecture 61Object Pronouns
Lecture 62Reflexive Pronouns
Lecture 63Days, Months, and Dates
Lecture 64Seasons and Weather
Lecture 65Tones
Lecture 66Glossary - Essential Vocabulary
Lecture 67Final Quiz