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In response to the dwindling interest in my mother tongue, Yorùbá, I created @yobamoodua, a platform dedicated to promoting the Yorùbá cultural heritage online. I have published an e-book;Ẹ̀yà Ara Ẹ̀dá Ọmọ Ènìyàn (parts of the human body). I visit elementary schools on cultural days to talk about the essence of the sustainability of indigenous languages for national and global development. Work is in progress to design @Yorubagames and apps to further enhance interest in the language.

I have taught personal lessons in Yorùbá to individuals as extra coaching, including non Yorùbá speakers. Most of my students are on the cyber space all over the world like in China, America, UK and other countries. To further spread the gospel of the wonderful Yorùbá cultural heritage, I decided to be part of the unique online language school; Tribalingual.