Explore the northernmost culture of Japan, learn Ainu!

Explore the northernmost culture of Japan, learn Ainu!

Introduce yourself in one of the most unique languages in the world!



Want to learn Ainu language?

The Ainu are an indigenous people living in Japan. At first, they lived in the whole Hokkaidō, Sakhalin Island, Kuril islands and possibly Kamchatka. Today the Ainu people resides mostly in Hokkaidō. However, large diaspora groups are also present outside of the island, for example in Tokyo. The history of Ainu people has been turbulent and harsh. Ainu have suffered from oppression and sadly still today prejudice seems sometimes hard to eradicate.

Within Japan, but also abroad, Ainu are often depicted as an enigmatic people. In general, misconception and inaccuracy influence information about them – one such example is the wrong idea that the Ainu language is dead. The Ainu language has mysterious origins and many experts consider it an ‘isolate language’, unrelated to any other language. This is one of the reasons why it attracts many linguists and language lovers.

In this course, you will be learning how to speak Saru Ainu (Hokkaidō variety), which is one of the most widely studied dialects. At the same time, you will also gain knowledge about the Sakhalin variety.

Learn Ainu with our teacher:

“I want to make a difference by teaching the language and culture of the Ainu and I want everybody to realize that we can all make a difference, no matter where we are in the world, no matter how far a culture may appear to us. Ainu is a special part of the world we cannot afford to lose.” Elia

The Ainu identity is passed on through talking and performing. With Tribalingual you help revitalize the Ainu culture by learning their worldview and language. Explore their hidden stories and traditions! Talk directly with our first-hand cultural experts, and prevent the disappearance of a culture that would deprive our humanity of its richness and diversity!

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