Ainu Teacher

My name is Elia. When I first learned about Ainu at university, I was shocked that such a wonderful language and its cultural heritage was being left in a state of torpor and that all initiatives to save the language had failed. I want to make a difference by teaching the language and culture of the Ainu and I want everybody to realise that we can all make a difference, no matter where we are in the world, no matter how far a culture may appear to us. Ainu is a special part of the world we cannot afford to lose.


My name is Florentina and I want to teach the Armãn/Aromanian language because it is under threat of disappearance. As language is central to human nature and culture, and is an expression of identity, issues surrounding language are particularly important to small linguistic communities, like mine, seeking to maintain their distinct group and cultural identity, sometimes under conditions of marginalization, exclusion and discrimination. The loss of linguistic diversity is a loss for humanity’s heritage. 

Gangte Teacher

My name is Paul and my first language is Gangte. With only 15,000 speakers, my language and culture will vanish if we don’t take action. This is the language of my friends, of my family – including my young nieces and nephews. I owe it to them to secure a future where their language and culture are valued, where Gangte thrives as part of our world’s rich linguistic diversity

Greko Teacher

My name is M.Olimpia. When I was born my dad gave me the most beautiful gift, Greko. He started to speak with me and my sisters only in this extremely endangered Greek variety still spoken by less than 300 persons in Calabria – southern Italy. I decided to try and revitalise this stunning language. This is why I am here, I don’t want Greko to disappear. And I know it might be weird if its new speakers will come from outside the community, but I have now realised that it is better to make it live in the world rather then letting it die within its borders. Fenòmmaste!

Mongolian Teacher

My name is Enkhee and Mongolian is my mother tongue. Although there are around 5 million speakers of Mongolian worldwide, it’s one of the hardest languages to learn, due to lack of any good material. This is why I want to teach Mongolian online – to make it accessible for anyone, anywhere. Not just for second language learners, but for the Mongolian diaspora more widely.

Torwali Teacher

I like Urdu because Faiz, Iqbal and Ghalib wrote in it; I like Pashto because Ghani, Hamza and Rahman Baba wrote in it; I like English because it is the lingua franca of the world but I LOVE Torwali because the first word I spoke was in Torwali. Torwali is my mother language. It is spoken by about 110,000 people. It will vanish along with the culture, history and wisdom it carries with it if no action is taken to save and promote it. It won’t stand the onslaught of globalization if we do not teach it to our younger generations. The Torwali people will lose their history and identity if the language is allowed to die. We need to...
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Tulu teacher

My name is Deepa. I grew up speaking Tulu, but this language is not officially recognised in India. It makes me sad that the language of my people does not have the same status as other. Tulu is part of our identity, of who we are. When Tulu dies,  so will our heritage. I can’t let that happen.


My name is Ọmọ Yoòbá, ever since I read some Yorùbá novels which most of my generation disliked to read or be associated with, I was intrigued about the language, it made me want to do further research on my cultural heritage. My investigations exposed me to so many things I never knew about. The world is a global village, so is Yorùbá a global language. I am here as a revolutionist, saddled with the task of bringing back the lost glory of my culture, by passing on the cultural values of my ancestors to the current as well as future generations, for my dear culture to survive the threat of extinction.

We are looking for individuals who speak an endangered language – if you would like to teach with us, drop us an email hello@tribalingual.com