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From Tuvan throat singing to Madagascan cooking, from Mongolian fairy stories to Ainu mythology, we connect hand-selected local cultural practitioners and speakers of less widely spoken languages with people seeking unique, immersive experiences – online. Whether they’re home cooks, world class dance performers, or the some of the world’s last storytellers, our teachers all share one thing in common – a passion to share their culture with people all over the world.

Popular courses

Mongolian Language and Culture

Are you travelling to Mongolia? Or have you just come back from the 'land of blue skies' and want to learn more about this wonderful country and its people? Then learn key Mongolian with us now!

By learning how to read and write, as well as getting to grips with  basic Mongolian phrases/proverbs and understanding cultural nuances, you will get a wonderful glimpse  into a culture that is still relatively unknown. 

Our native Mongolian speaker is on hand to guide you on this journey. Sign up now!

The Melodies of Ladino

Discover Sephardic culture through Ladino language, an archaic form of Spanish which is actually an explosion of cultures: Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic, Turkish, Greek, French, Bulgarian, and Italian.

Our teacher Matan is excited to teach you the Izmir variety. This dialect has been influenced by some features of the Jerusalem dialect, the most widely dialect combination studied today.

The Wonders of Malagasy

Looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience? Then, meet the colorful culture of Madagascar and learn Malagasy with us!

At Tribalingual, we have created the first ever Malagasy course, so you can too can learn more about the wonderful language and culture of these islanders. Our native speaker Haingo will take you on a journey through Madagascar and share with you some of her stories, teach you how to cook chicken a la Madagascar style and get you haggling in markets in no time!

The Undiscovered Gem - Ainu

Within Japan, but also abroad, Ainu are often depicted as an enigmatic people. In general, misconception and inaccuracy influence information about them – one such example is the wrong idea that the Ainu language is dead. The Ainu language has mysterious origins and many experts consider it a language isolate, unrelated to any other language. 

In this course, you will learn how to speak Saru Ainu (Hokkaidō variety), which is one of the most widely studied dialects. At the same time, you will also gain knowledge about the Sakhalin variety with our wonderful teacher, Elia. 

What our lovely customers have to say
Ainu was a fascinating course and I thoroughly recommend it. It encouraged me to look for evidence of this culture on my trips to Japan. In fact, studying Ainu helped me to get my current job in Japan.
I just want to take more courses with Tribalingual! For me, it was a fruitful experience with friendliness. I am going on holiday soon and hope to interact well with the locals. Thank you Tribalingual.
IT manager
This is a hugely engaging and inspiring introduction to a fascinating and very important language and culture. I learnt a lot from the course in a short time. This is just the start of my journey with Mongolian.


The world’s cultures and languages are disappearing at an unprecedented rate, with one language dying every two weeks. At Tribalingual, we are on a mission to save endangered languages and cultures from extinction by enabling teachers from communities around the world to teach an international audience, thereby spreading and preserving culture and providing a salary and meaning to remote communities.  

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