5 Reasons why you will want to learn Ladino!

5 Reasons why you will want to learn Ladino!


Ladino, or Judeo-Spanish, is the language of the Sephardi Jews who were expelled out of Spain at the time of the Inquisition. More than 500 years later, this archaic Spanish still exists, although it is endangered and strives to survive.

Medieval Spain (Wikimedia Commons).

The team at Tribalingual have put together 5 reasons why they think you should learn the wonderfully melodious language of Ladino.


The language traces back to the times of Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabel of Castile. It was very similar to the old Castilian, the common language in Castile and Navarra at the time. Judeo-Spanish allows you to get a look not only at Medieval Spain but also at the essence of the Mediterranean and its cultures.

Cordoba Synagogue, built in 1315 (Wikipedia Commons).


Turkish, Greek, Aramaic, Italian, Arabic, French, Portuguese, Hebrew, Slavic influences. The Ladino world embraces a large number of cultures. Its core vocabulary is Old Spanish and speakers of the two languages may be able to communicate with each other without too much difficulty.

Sephardic groups in Europe (Wikimedia Commons).


Ladino is not just a language but a wonderful culture which has produced a wealth of literature! You will be surprised by the rich and fascinating literary tradition of the Sephardi Jews. In particular, fantastical stories – called fables – are certainly one of the Sephardic culture’s treasures. In fact, this is something you can learn more about in our online Ladino course!


Ladino songs have become especially popular in the last years, allowing people to explore their origins and cultural roots as never before. Just like the language, the irresistible sound of Sephardic music blends together melodies from different musical traditions (such as Gypsy and Andalusian).

Fancy learning a Ladino song? Our teacher Matan absolutely loves singing in Ladino, so if singing is your hobby, why not give it a go?


We have much to learn from the Sephardic people but what Tribalingual likes most is multilingualism. And Ladino has always been the language of the multilingual!

Music in Jerusalem.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at the special Tribalingual offering for Ladino and send us a message at hello@tribalingual.com if you’d like to learn more or simply sign up to the course!

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