Our Story

Who We Are

We are living through the world’s greatest cultural extinction event, in which languages, cultures and traditions worldwide are disappearing at an unprecedented rate. Presently, 1 language dies every 2 weeks. With languages loss, inevitably comes the loss of traditions and culture that have been part of a people and a way of life for thousands of years.

With an academic background in language policy and language endangerment, our founder Inky witnessed how numerous organisations document and archive languages, never to be in the public domain.

As the child of a culture whose language is facing impending extinction (Buryat), she realised that the only real way to save these languages is by getting more people to speak them.

What We Do

Tribalingual is a platform whose mission is to facilitate the preservation of intangible cultural heritage. Focusing initially on the preservation of endangered languages, we enable teachers from communities around the world to teach an international audience, thereby spreading and preserving culture and providing a salary and meaning to remote communities.

We’re always looking for passionate and committed individuals to join us on the mission to protect disappearing cultures. If you’d like to be involved by contributing your time then we’d love to hear from you. Email us at hello@tribalingual.com and someone from the team will get back to you!
Head Honcho
Originally from Mongolia, Inky grew up in a Ger (yurt). She studied languages, language endangerment and Anthropology at Leeds, Glasgow, Aberdeen universities & taught Mongolian and Russian at SOAS, University of London for many years. After a spell at a few London based EdTech startups, she took the inevitable plunge and founded Tribalingual to tackle the big social issue that motivates her - that of language and cultural loss around the world.
Course Creation Connoisseur
Harry grew up in a small village in West Yorkshire, fascinated by the Yorkshire dialect. He enjoys studying languages in order to be able to better communicate with people all over the world and learn about their cultures. He graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2017 with a BA in MML. As well as his passion for foreign languages, Harry has also represented his county and university at table tennis on a national level. He loves to travel and use his languages to discover unheard stories.
Strategy Wizard
John is a Professor at a top UK Business School. He speaks about 12 languages, most of them badly, but he doesn't care. Originally from Wales, John's held board positions in major defence companies and ran Stellenbosch Business School so he's a useful adviser to Inky, who occasionally listens to what he has to say on strategy. Language of the Month is John's main literary endeavour, so if you want to read his sometimes quirky humour about language and linguistics, take a look.
Originally from Warsaw, Pola spent most of her childhood abroad, where she learned to explore, respect and celebrate other cultures. She graduated from UCL last year and is currently studying for her MA in Linguistics. Pola is a language enthusiast. She speaks Russian and Portuguese and is learning Spanish and French. She is also very interested in sign language. She is fond of traveling, photography, and loves meeting new people. In her spare time, she loves to read, eat, organise her home with her label maker, and sing (though, not very well).
Culture Vulture
Katie is a language lover originally from Philadelphia, now happily living and working in Boston. She holds a MA in Classical Studies from Boston College. After completing a two year Americorps teaching fellowship, she taught Latin and English for several years, before leaping into the exciting startup culture of Boston. She is fluent in Latin, conversant in German and Spanish, and is currently studying Japanese. Katie is also a dedicated dancer and has taught for several years at a studio in the Boston area, and especially enjoys swing, samba, and Viennese waltz.
Chief Scribbler
Hannah studied Latin and Ancient Literature at Durham, and completed her MA in Linguistics at UCL last year. She spent a year in Rome teaching English and sampling gelato! She still remembers some Italian and is studying Spanish as well as a few programming languages, like Python. Having lived abroad and both studied and taught language, Hannah can appreciate that aspects of language can really shape the way different people think and see the world. In turn, it is these different outlooks and beliefs that shape culture - and why it's important to keep these different perspectives alive.
Partnership Guru
Mika grew up in Tbilisi, Georgia and speaks Georgian, English and Russian. He hold a degree from Exeter Business School. Mika loves history, cooking, tasting wines, trying the variety of international dishes and travelling around world. As a child, he demonstrated his passion for his culture by playing folk instruments and performing national dance moves in front of an international crowd. Mika grew up with people who are proud to maintain their cultural identity and language despite their geopolitical location. He believes that life can be more exciting through learning and exploring rare languages and cultures.

Pietro grew up in Naples, a city full of traditions and folklore. He holds an MA's degree in Comparative Culture and can speak Italian, English, and Japanese. During his BA studies, he happened to stumble upon the study of native Hawaiian culture and since then he's always been interested in endangered cultures. He is particularly fascinated by different religions and folk traditions, and by the anthropological creativity of our humanity. In his spare time, he volunteers as an IT teacher for disabled people and the elderly and enjoys drawing in the style of Japanese Ukiyo-e, playing board games, and, of course, traveling.