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Want to discover Sephardic culture through Ladino language?

Ladino, or Judeo-Spanish, is the language of the Sephardi Jews who were expelled out of Spain in 1492 by the Catholic Kings. After the expulsion, they settled in other countries around the Mediterranean Sea. They couldn’t take any of their belongings with them, but they brought together with them their rich Judeo-Iberian culture.

Ladino was born as a result of the encounter between Iberian dialects, mainly Castilian, Hebrew, the holy language, and the languages of their new neighbors in the Empire. Thus we find a great influence of Turkish, Greek, Aramaic, Italian, Bulgarian, Arabic, French among other languages.

Learning Judeo-Spanish will open wide a window for you to the very essence of the Mediterranean and its cultures. It is a meeting point of many cultures and languages! It will also allow you to get a look at Medieval Spain.

Ladino mothers preserved many Iberian medieval folk songs and ballads. The language itself preserves many old features. Even now, you can listen to Ladino songs on major music outlets!

This language is at risk today, and only a few thousands around the world still speak it. Its culture is flourishing all over the world, especially its music.

So, take a swim into the Mediterranean cultures by learning Ladino, the language of Sephardi Jews!

Our teacher, Matan, would be happy to teach you the Izmir variety. This dialect has been influenced by some features of the Jerusalem dialect, the most widely dialect combination studied today.

Can anyone sign up for this?

Good news! Anyone over the age of 13 year can take a course on Tribalingual

You don’t need formal qualifications or language learning abilities to take any our courses. You might need specialist equipment for some (like our music or art courses), but we’ll tell you this on the course information page, in the Requirements section.

Can I speak to someone from the team before I commit?

Absolutely! We have a chat option available on all of our pages, so simply click on the little icon and speak to a friendly neighbourhood Tribalinguist who will answer all your questions!



Matan Stein is a polyglot who concentrates on learning endangered languages. He is a linguist, an Egyptologist, a passionate Ladino, Yiddish and Hebrew teacher and a Rabbinical Seminary student from Israel. He sings in a choir, travels around the world, is a spiritual healer and an amature photographer, painter and poet.
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