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Are you travelling to Mongolia? Or have you just come back from Mongolia and want to learn more about this wonderful country and its people? Then learn key Mongolian survival phrases with us here at Tribalingual.

Mongolian is the primary language of Mongolia (Монгол). By origin, it is one of the languages in the Mongol group from the Altaic family, a language family which includes Turkish, Manchurian-Tungus, Japanese, and Korean.

In Mongolia, the language is written predominantly in Cyrillic, while in Inner Mongolia, the language is dialectally more diverse and is written in the traditional script. In our course, you’ll be learning the Cyrillic alphabet.

By learning the basic survival phrases, we’ll give you a brief introduction to the Mongolian language. By taking this online course, you’ll see what the language looks like, how it feels and how it sounds.

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Can anyone sign up for this?

Good news! Anyone over the age of 13 year can take a course on Tribalingual

You don’t need formal qualifications or language learning abilities to take any our courses. You might need specialist equipment for some (like our music or art courses), but we’ll tell you this on the course information page, in the Requirements section.

Can I speak to someone from the team before I commit?

Absolutely! We have a chat option available on all of our pages, so simply click on the little icon and speak to a friendly neighbourhood Tribalinguist who will answer all your questions!



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