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Cultural highlights


Ladino, also known as Judeo-Spanish, is an endangered language spoken in a small number of Sephardic Jewish communities around the world. This wonderful language is a carrier of age-old traditions, wisdom and 100 years history, but it is through song that Ladinos best express themselves.

Sephardic songs in a variety of genres and themes have traditionally been an integral part of community life and family celebrations. In addition, although Ladino itself is in decline, other aspects of Judeo-Spanish culture, namely cuisine and traditional song, have assumed the role of principal markers of Sephardic Jewish identity. In other words, Sephardic Jewish identity is no longer principally associated with the use of Judeo-Spanish, as it was during Ottoman times and during the first half of the twentieth century, but is now expressed through the various ‘artefacts’ of Sephardic culture, among them Judeo-Spanish. The fact that Sephardic song has gained popularity among wider audiences since the last decades of the twentieth century is attested by the quantity and variety of Sephardic music interpreters and ensembles (both Jewish and non-Jewish). By the way, have you heard our teacher Matan sing in his ‘Welcome video’?

Course highlights


This four week Explorer Ladino course will expose you to Ladino culture so you feel totally de kaza (at home) among Ladino speakers.

Ladino has been written in various scripts but today it uses the Latin script. In this course, you will learn mainly the Izmir dialect, influenced by some features of the Jerusalem dialect, the most widely dialect combination studied today.

The core vocabulary of this language is Old Spanish and it has numerous elements from all the old Romance languages of the Iberian Peninsula. The language has been further enriched by Ottoman Turkish and Semitic vocabulary, such as Hebrew, Aramaic, and Arabic, as well as other local languages of the Balkans, such as Greek, Bulgarian and Serbo-Croatian. The structures of Ladino mirror Hebrew formations, which makes this language even more unique!

Not only will you learn to speak, write and understand Ladino, but you will experience a whole new world full of folktales, music, food, and you will join in the protection and revival of this beautiful and historic language!

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