Develop your understanding of Malagasy language and culture

In this 4 week course, you will develop your written and spoken understanding of basic words and phrases about yourself, occupations, daily routines, shopping, and skills and abilities.

You will learn about the musical traditions of the Malagasy people, and experience the importance of proverbs, dance and storytelling within Malagasy culture and language.

Join now to discover the links between Malagasy language and contemporary Malagasy culture and society.

What does this course include?

✔ 50+ lessons and activities
✔ Quizzes to test your knowledge
✔ Online course content accessible anywhere, at any time, through any device
✔ Listen to dialogues and recording ‘on the go’ through our app
✔ 30 minute weekly Skype calls with the teacher
✔ Discussions with your fellow students
✔ Online language practice using our partner platform, Crowdcaster
✔Beautiful digital certificate upon completion

What topics will you cover?

Introducing and describing yourself

Action verbs

The present tense

Talk about your daily routine

Malagasy names and how to be a courteous guest

Malagasy society

The importance & role of food in Malagasy culture (learn how to make a chicken!)

Describe going shopping and how to ask for what you want

Songs and lullabies

Learning to bargain

What will you achieve?

By the end of the course, you'll be able to

✔ Engage with the Malagasy culture through language

✔ Discuss occupations, skills and abilities, daily routines and going shopping

✔ Engage with Malagasy songs

✔ Explore the importance of food in Malagasy Culture

✔ Discuss and describe details regarding yourself

✔ Identify basic grammatical concepts

✔ Understand how to participate in daily Malagasy life

Why choose us?

* Authenticity – our teachers live and breathe the language and the culture *

* We teach culture and language together. You can’t have one without the other *

* Face-to-face – where else do you get to learn on line with a real expert? *

* Affordable – compare us with the other, language only platforms or specialist schools *

* Flexible, mobile - access your content from anywhere, at any time *

* We're committed to saving rare and endangered cultures *

Who will you learn with?

Our wonderful native speaker Haingo will speak to you every week!

This is a wonderful opportunity to practice what you have learnt. Haingo will prepare individual lessons based on your needs and answer anything you want to know about the language and culture.


The team at Tribalingual are here to help!

As well as helping to arrange your one-to-one sessions, we will be available to email at any point during your course and will get back to all students promptly to ensure you have the smoothest learning experience possible.

Come with us into the colourful, welcoming world of Madagascar.

At Tribalingual we teach language and culture together: people speak a language and live their culture as one.

So, listen to the stories of the Malagasy people through videos and pictures, descriptions and face-to-face explanations by real experts who live and understand this rich society.

So what are you waiting for?