Lose yourself in Ainu culture and mythology

Lose yourself in Ainu culture and mythology

Explore the northernmost culture of Japan taking a journey through the hidden stories of the Ainu!



Want to discover Ainu culture and traditions?

The Ainu are an indigenous people living in Japan. The history of Ainu people has been turbulent and harsh. Ainu have suffered from oppression and prevarication. Sadly, still today prejudice seems sometimes hard to eradicate.

In 2008 Ainu won recognition as indigenous people, which both was caused by and also helped the rise of a new consciousness of Ainu identity and traditions. Today there is a large Ainu community living mostly in Hokkaidō, whose effort to revitalize and preserve the rich Ainu cultural heritage is most important. It is thanks to this community that the Ainu culture is not dead today, even if still at risk.

The Ainu believed that all the things have a kamuy (spirit or god). Among kamuy, one of the most important is Kim-un-kamuy, the kamuy of bears and mountains.

Through this course, you can access a rich cultural heritage made up of sagas, legends, and epic songs. Moreover,  you’ll get familiar with Ainu customs, eating habits and their beliefs in the spirits of nature (kamuy).

We certainly know that sometimes learning something new can be a bit daunting. That’s why you receive 1-2-1 support every step of the way. The content is bitesize and accessible for all abilities and backgrounds!

The Ainu identity is passed on through talking and performing. With Tribalingual you help revitalize the Ainu culture by learning their worldview. Talk directly with our first-hand cultural experts! You can prevent the disappearance of a culture that would deprive our humanity of its richness!

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